Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to Vote for Autodesk Univeristy Speakers - AU 2009 Topics

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Speaker: Will Harris

Other Awesome Speakers:
√ Tench Tilghman √ Tim Jones √Larry Young √ Cord struckmann √ Michael Schinn √ Jason Gant √ Eddy Krygiel

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Friday, November 14, 2008

Revit Grids and Grips

I’m sitting here sipping on some scotch, yes a wonderful 15 y/o bottle, listening to rusted root.

One of my former clients (before Will2Play, Inc) called me... "Will I’ve got a Grid problem with that project you helped us with?"

"Ok... no problem...” gotomeeting pops up; I send them the link, they share their screen.

Here is the summary:
In elevation they see all their Grid lines; In RCP, and Floor plans, no Grid lines or bubbles. hummm...

If we create a new Grid line in any view, that new Grid shows in all views.

Here is the difference between the old and new Grid lines. One has a hollow grip on the end the other a solid grip. (Do you know the problem?)

Here is the solution:

hollow grip = End points of Grid Datum Plane (English?)
solid grip = End points of the Revit Grid Linework and Symbol (this is the 2D annotation side of Grid lines)

Went to an elevation view. Zoomed out. Selected the Grid line. there, in the middle of the gird line was the Hollow grip. Selected the Hollow Grip. Pulled it down to below the Level of the view that was not showing the Grid lines....

Voila! The Grid lines (keep in mind this is the Grid’s annotation) shows up.

Grids, just like sections, are both 3D and 2D. There is the 2D side that you see in floor plan, elevation, and section. AND. There is the 3D side (Datum) that tells the 2D side what views to show up in. If, in the case of Grids, the Datum Plan doesn’t cross the Level (also a 3D, 2D thing in Revit) then, the 2D side (the Grid line and Grid bubble) will not display in views that are associated to that Level.

And now, I’m listening to “Better Than” John Butler Trio.

Work Hard, Play Harder!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Under the Green Sky

It’s what I became, it's what I want to provide, and it’s what you may have forgotten about from years of 50 hr workweeks. Learn the new tools, become more efficient, get out the door and go do whatever you consider "Play" to be.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Rockstar Families - From zero to hero, headache included free of charge

Friday I stayed at the office till after 7. There was another push to be made, another power ten to take. I've been working on this training concept for the last 6 months, Rockstar Families. Take a moment with me to remember the days when you set your own goals and aspirations. This was and still is a goal, a journey I intend to complete. I started this journey about 3 years ago, giving free online demos on Revit. I'm not sure just how many presentations I’ve given. What I do know is over the last 6 months I’ve presented well over a hundred hours of web based training.

BMSS was the test drive for all my online training series; I knew that it was critical to the industry. This year was the right time for most BIM managers, who cared if it was the right time for me. While building BMSS this spring I had 3 jobs, taught 2 college classes, drove over 500 miles a week, continued playing sports and somehow got some sleep. That was crazy; add trying to come up with topics, build the content, and then present it. I mangaged to survive and so did the BIM managers who attended the training.

Rockstar Families, another brain child of mine. I was not alone; I had some great input from people like Blaine, Micah, Shobhit and other people in the industry. Wait, here is where I have to plug Pyatok Architects, Inc. This company brought me in for a day of Families training, a special thanks needs to go out to them. That class made a huge impact on how I’ll present Revit Families from now on. Everyone who attends any of the families training should take a second to thank all the wonderful people at that company! Not only are they implementing Revit correctly, they are making impact in their community (look at their projects). ~ Thank you Caroline ~

Back to Rockstar Families. I've lost count of the hours I've spent sweating over what to cover, how to cover it and in what order. Friday, the full outline was done. Today all the Key Points for basic Families is done. It's going to happen! Really it's going to happen!

Keep an eye out for the email invitations.

You ever have a huge burden lifted, only to realize it's to be replaced with an even more important/heavier task?

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.